What is VET?


1. V is for VOCATION

  • job, work, career, occupation
  • applies to paid employment

2. E is for EDUCATION

  • learning, acquiring general knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • lifelong process (ongoing)


3. T is for TRAINING

  • learning specific skills by practice
  • usually short-term process


4. Putting it Together

  •  VET means learning (both general and specific) that prepares you for a job


5. VET can be Completed:

  • at school
  • at a Registered Training Organisation (e.g. TAFE)
  • at work
  • OR a combination of these


6. By doing VET you gain:

  • a VET certificate that is nationally recognized (i.e. in all states)
  • SACE credits
  • experience and skills by working in a specific vocation
  • confidence in your own abilities