Singo Nishimoto – Akashi College Japan

In this school we can chose the kinds of class, which we want to study. So we can study actively and if we want to use a computer in the class we can borrow it in the library. It’s very useful to search something and to make a report of the experiment.

I think they are very good systems. Some people speak Japanese in the school, so there is no problems if you cant speak English very well. They are very kind so they speak again and again if we can’t understand what they say.

They like Japan so they ask us about Japan. We are very happy to be able to talk with them.

We can access train and bus, it is located near the train station Seaford, so we can go to school easily.


We have a shopping centre near the school so we can go there after school to buy something.

I think this school is the best school for students.


Nozomi Kobori – Akashi College Japan

In this school we learned with active learning. This way is fantastic. In Japan we have learned everything only from textbook. It is too boring. In those early days , I didn’t know how to spend “recess time” but now the time is very fun, thanks to recess time and lunch time, I could make many friends. Also most students speak Japanese. Now I am connecting a lot of Australian students on the Internet. I’ll keep contacting them. They are my eternal friends.

Why other students should come. I am sure that all Japanese people want to study abroad should come here. They are very kind. You know I don’t speak English as well however I had a good time here. They speak slowly to communicate with us and study Japanese when they see us. They say “Konichiwa Ogenki desu ka?” every time. Now I want to live here in Adelaide because of them. I don’t know how to thank them.

Favourite things about Australia: People, climate and a beautiful sea. Australia has a beautiful sea and warm weather. It is comfortable to live here. In addition it has lots of different cultures from Aborigine, Chinese and British etc.

They respect all cultures including Japanese!

Thank you so much, all the people involved with me Hannah, Pearce!

I’ll be back someday. Then I’ll speak English as well.

Catch you later!


Nichaphat Punyasawangjit (Amy) – TIECA Thailand Tour

I have a great time at Australia, everything is very fantastic, everyone very friendly. My host family is very lovely them take care me very well, find a fun activity for me cook some food together and have a good time together.

My favourite activity with host is going to the beach and have dinner there. I love that time very much it made me feel happy and feel like I living with my family I love them.

At school I have a lot of friends, them very friendly and always take care and help me, everyone in group very funny, kind and lovely. We talk and have lunch together. I always think before I come here that can I make friend with them but it not hard than I expect and that made me happy at school. All of the teacher very friendly and kind first day of school them always ask friend in my class to take me to another class that made me easier move in school.

I love Australia, education it made me excited not worried. I love Seaford school. The last thing I will tell about Australia it is a lovely country and Adelaide is lovey town, peaceful, people are friendly and it is very comfortable to go somewhere.

We have many of choice. We can go by train, bus, tram and we can drive, bicycle and even walk. The beach very beautiful, clear and amaze me. I love time in Australia. I want to thank you South Government and Seaford Secondary College and especially Hannah, she very kind and lovely help me everything, every problem. I will never forgot the time in Australia the great time for me.