Upcoming Events

  • February 11
    8:35 am

    Liaohe Oil Field Middle School (China) 2-Week Tour

  • March 4
    5:00 pm

    Open Night

  • March 6
    8:35 am

    Nihon Gakuen (Japan) 2-Week Tour

  • March 8
    8:35 am

    Sports Day

  • March 11
    12:00 am

    Public Holiday

  • March 18
    8:35 am

    Morioka Chuo High School (Japan) 2-Week Tour


Seaford Secondary College is a comprehensive secondary school that offers a quality learning environment and ensures seamless education through the middle years and into the senior years of schooling. Seaford Secondary College focuses on developing every student’s potential and wellbeing.

Seaford Secondary College is committed to providing high quality, innovative, challenging and responsive educational programs to cater for the learning needs of all our students.

The school’s values of Learning, Responsibility, Respect and Resilience underpin all programs and activities offered at our school to create a positive school culture.