Health & PE

Health and Physical Education at Seaford Secondary College is a compulsory subject in Years 7-9 and available as a choice subject in Years 10-12.


The aim of the physical education course is the development of 'intelligent performers' and to encourage students to understand the importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Students will develop critical thinking, reflection skills and a sense of responsibility, as well as group work and self-motivational skills. Students will learn a variety of physical activities including team and individual sports. Students also have a theory component which is a mixture of health education, physical education, as well as self-assessment and reflection.


We have an onsite Recreation Centre which contains 3 large indoor courts to offer a wide range of activities, we also have a Beach Volleyball court, a basketball court, marked four-square asphalt courts and a large oval.


Sports Day is an event that is held  at school  once  per year, which consists of an entire day dedicated to sports. 4 Houses compete in this tournament dressed in their House colours, with many different sporting events to keep them occupied for an entire day.