Kaoru Watanabe International Student Award


The Kaoru Watanabe International Student Award is a financial award to assist students to participate in an exchange/study abroad program within two school calendar years of enrolment at Seaford Secondary College.

Kaoru Watanabe provided years of dedicated service, working in collaboration with the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) and the International Education Services (IES). Kaoru was much more than an accredited education agent promoting programs offered in South Australian Government Schools; she was a friend and mentor to many international students. Importantly, Kaoru was able to act as a bridge between both the Japanese and Australian cultures assisting not only Japanese students and their parents, but also schools and homestay families to resolve issues often related to cultural misunderstandings.

Kaoru’s passion for international education and her cheerful personality is missed by everyone whose lives she touched.

The Kaoru Watanabe International Student Award aims to assist students who meet eligibility criteria to participate in the Exchange/Study Abroad Programs of Seaford Secondary College, such as the Japan Trip, Antipodeans Abroad Expedition, or Student Exchange Programs through Southern Cross Cultural Exchange.

Please click here for full information, eligibility criteria and application form.