Student Leadership

Student Leadership

SRC Pledge and Declaration

“I will responsibly care for the needs of the student body and through active participation in all aspects of school life, will encourage students to develop a positive attitude to their school. The SRC is here to contribute to a positive and proactive school environment, where your voice is heard.”

The Seaford Secondary College Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students from across each 4 Houses, whose primary purpose is not only to represent and be the voice of the student body, but  also to participate in the decision-making processes that occur within the school. SRC Members are encouraged to take and create opportunities by empowering their peers through taking initiative within leadership.

There have been significant changes in the structure and function of the SRC within our school. The SRC is consists of 6 teams that are overseen by a student ‘Team Captain’ and a staff ‘Senior Leader’. This allows issues relating to individual year levels (or Houses) to be specifically addressed. In addition, there is an Executive Committee that consists of Prefects, Secretaries, Treasurers, Team Captains, an Advertising Manager and a Fundraising Coordinator. The Executive Committee combines members from all teams and aims to manage the formalities within SRC processes so that the wider SRC Community can focus on the practical events. This structure has potential and scope for greater representation of student voice and participation, not only in the formal decision-making processes within the school but also in the wider community.

SRC Students are mentored by Ms Beth Parkin, Head of Senior School (years 10 – 12)