The Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Seaford Secondary College starts with introducing the fundamental Elements of Art through practical skills development. Students learn and develop various ways to express ideas and create artwork using many artistic techniques and processes.

They will start with basic elements of art and learn how artists create artworks. Then furthering their understanding of ideas, research, analysis, exploration, experimentation with media and technique. Through the resolution and production of practical self-developed Art works students will further their understanding, abilities, and knowledge of Visual Arts. Students will develop skills such as visual thinking, investigation, the ability to synthesise concepts, apply them, reflect on their own learning, refine technical skills, and produce imaginative solutions.


Students embark on a comprehensive musical journey where they explore a variety of instruments such as drums, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, voice, woodwind, brass and piano. They delve into music theory, diverse cultural influences, and utilize music technology for composition. Through analysis of musical eras and performances, students refine their skills and present solo and ensemble performances to various audiences including regular music nights, school and community events, Art Showcase and whole school musical. At Stage 2, students have the flexibility to complete Performance Solo and Ensemble as well as Music Explorations.

Media Arts

Media at Seaford Secondary College introduces students to what media is and how it relates to them in the modern world. Students will have the opportunity to develop foundation skills in scriptwriting, storyboarding, 3D animation and special effects for video gaming and film, cinematography, creative collaboration, editing, sound, lighting and directing, inquiry research and visual communication (graphic design). In the senior years, students participate in digital animation and film production. Students may be asked to work in conjunction with other classes or schools.


Explore the world of Dance at Seaford Secondary College! Students learn essential movement skills, choreography, collaborate with peers, and build confidence. We offer plenty of chances to perform, including whole school musicals, Arts Showcase, regular end-of-semester performances and school and community events.


Drama is offered at Seaford Secondary College to students in year 7 through to year 12. Each class focuses on building performance skills, working collaboratively with peers, encouraging confidence and creativity. SSC prioritises performance opportunities, with numerous productions to get involved with including: a whole school musical and a 7-12 Arts Showcase (alternating years), senior school productions, middle school performance nights and many more. All students are encouraged to participate in drama, and come and be a part of the wonderful world of the performing arts!

Art Showcase

The Arts Showcase is held at the Hopgood Theatre, Noarlunga Centre, and highlights the many artistic talents of our students; including Dance, Drama, Music, musical scenes and diverse Visual Arts media.

The evening allows parents/caregivers to enjoy their students on stage and on screen. Art work, from across all age groups, is displayed electronically in the foyer for all to enjoy.

Students demonstrate their skills in each artistic endeavour as well as amazing collaboration behind the scenes to support each other to excel.

More information on this year’s special event will be advertised on our website, and in the school newsletter once a date is confirmed.


Our Whole School Musical, a spectacular event that unfolds every second year, bringing together students from year 7 to 12 in a celebration of the arts. This grand production is a collaborative showcase featuring live bands, choreography, singing, acting, stage design, lighting and sound, and costumes. It’s a testament to the collective creativity and talent of our students across various artistic disciplines, providing a dynamic and unforgettable experience for both participants and the audience.

Instrumental Music

Seaford Secondary College is a Music Focus School and provide Instrumental lessons on site for voice, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, saxophone, brass and woodwind.

The instrumental music (IM) small-group lessons are provided by the Department for Education, free of charge to Music students.

Students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 must be enrolled in a Music subject to access IM tuition. All Year 7s and 8s are invited to learn an instrument as they all undertake Music as a subject. Places may be limited for some instruments.

This enrolment is for the whole school year.  Regular attendance to weekly lessons and commitment to daily practice are compulsory.