First Nations Student Education

Nina Marni

Seaford Secondary College is built on Kaurna land. We acknowledge and respect the rich history and custodianship of the Kaurna people and acknowledge the important contributions of past and present leaders in building the community.

We also pay our respects to all language groups throughout South Australia, and their cultures, and to all Aboriginal Elders past and present.

The Aboriginal Education Team supports the learning and wellbeing of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET)  Ms Emma Sewer

Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer (ASETO)  Ms Alema Pilot

University Connections

  • Karkanthi Scholarships: Students in years 10, 11, 12 are eligible to apply for the Karkanthi Scholarship through Adelaide University. This scholarship provides free tutoring, events to encourage an interest in attending university and a monetary contribution to be used to improve outcomes at school.


  • Students attend other excursions such as Life in the Uni Lane held at Flinders University and Marni Wingku held at Adelaide University, which provides students with an experience of university life and also an awareness of what programs, courses and scholarships that are on offer.


Connection to Culture

While Seaford Secondary College offers many mainstream programs that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enjoy, there are some programs specifically designed to engage and support development in our students. These include:


  • ABORIGINAL ART PROGRAMS: Local artist, Aunty Daphne, works with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to create themed artworks which are displayed around the school. Art programs include but are not limited to Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC and improving the visibility of Aboriginal culture around the school


  • MANY CLANS: ONE MOB: This program is run for students to improve retention rates at school, student wellbeing and connection to culture. Students join in various cultural and wellbeing workshops, water safety lessons and outrigging sessions with the end goal being the participation in an interschool outrigging competition.


  • Men of Tomorrow Program: This program is run in partnership with the River Hub Primary schools and is led by a prominent Aboriginal Traditional Owner. It aims to instill cultural knowledge and pride in our male students, provide them with leadership skills and strengthen links in the community.


  • Participation in NAIDOC and Reconciliation events


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives and Cultures are embedded throughout all curriculum areas to provide the entire school with an insight and understanding into these cultures and this fosters respect and appreciation.

Health and Wellbeing

NUNGA TAG: Students participate in the Southern Region Nunga Tag Carnival and Community Event held at Noarlunga Oval every year. The aim of this event is to promote exercise, a healthy lifestyle, a connection with our wider community and cultural pride.



In partnership with the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA), the Department for Education and Christies Beach High School, students can choose to be involved in this Integrated Studies Program (SACE Stage 1 & 2), which focuses on cultural activities, health, career and tertiary pathways, while aiming to increase attendance and engagement in high school.

The program includes studying from a selection of VET courses and completing SACE units on Aboriginal Education which helps students to obtain their SACE. There are also practical sessions which involve coaching and mentoring by Port Adelaide Power players and culminates in the Annual football carnival called the SAASTA Cup.

For more information, please go to SAASTA page of the Education SA website

Community Connections

ATSI River Hub Partnership

A partnership has been formed by all ASETOs, ACEOs and AETs from local schools in the river Hub area to focus on improving transition for students, family engagement within the schools, and community engagement.

Families will receive a newsletter each term about new events and what has been going on at their school and the other partnership schools.


Cultural Showcase

The ATSI River Hub Partnership’s giant Cultural Showcase is held each year at Seaford Secondary College. The aim of the event is to showcase Aboriginal culture with music and entertainment as well as provide food highlighting traditional Indigenous ingredients.  More information is provided closer to the date and is the pinnacle event of the year.


Parent Yarning Circle – Health Summit

The Health Summit is an opportunity for parents of Aboriginal students in the River Hub Partnership to become aware of Health Services available to them to assist with issues relating to Health and Wellbeing for their families while getting to know other parents, the Aboriginal Education team from their school and have a voice on matters which concern them and their child’s education.


Deadly Start 2 High School (DS2HS)

DS2HS is a transition program available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students, currently studying in year’s 5 & 6 in primary school, to visit Seaford Secondary College to have a taste of what the school can offer them. This is held in Term 3 every year.


Workabout Centre

The Workabout Centre is an external organisation which provides students with opportunities to gather quick qualifications (White Card, Learners’ Permit) and participate in short courses to help them with gaining independence when they leave school. The service also provides a program for students to get their identification (USI, Tax File number, birth certificate, bank account) in order for when they require it.