Learner Wellbeing

Learner Wellbeing

At Seaford Secondary College we have an absolute belief that wellbeing is central to learning, and learning is central to wellbeing. We know that learning and wellbeing go hand in hand; that their relationship is interdependent and reciprocal.

Our School Values of Learning, Responsibility and Respect are the foundations for all in our school community and require our school to do all that we can to provide a safe, caring and friendly environment inclusive of all of our students.

A whole school approach to Learner Wellbeing ensures that we deliver a curriculum that promotes student learning about such concerns as bullying and harassment, cybersafety, sexual health and relationships, drug education and so on, at the same time focusing on students having a voice in their learning and opportunities to develop skills in lifelong learning, problem solving, decision making, resilience, positive communication etc. These are delivered in a comprehensive and age appropriate way across Years 7-12 through our Pathways and Futures program each week.

We align our policies and processes to ensure that safety and wellbeing are paramount with specific policies on Anti-Bullying and Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Parent Compliant Procedures, Drugs and Expectations and Consistent Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour Choices.

Community support is vital to ensure Learner Wellbeing and we have developed strong partnerships with the DECD Student Services Team, SAPOL, Shine SA, Flinders University, Social and Youth workers, to name a few.

The learner environment for our students within the classrooms, the yard and community has a strong ethos around student voice whether through the SRC or students negotiating their learning or having learning targeted to the needs of the student. Student and parent perception data collected annually has consistently demonstrated that students feel safe and positive when at school.