Learning Support

Learning Support

The Learning Support Team caters for students with a wide range learning difficulties as well as those students on a Negotiated Learning Plan (NEP) or requiring ESL (english as a Second Language) support at Seaford Secondary College. We have a team of teachers and SSO’s that support students, both in class as well as in small groups in a range of programs including QuickSmart.

Students are identified through transition from primary school, diagnostic testing, NAPLAN data analysis as well as anecdotal evidence from teachers. These results are carefully analysed to strategically target individual learning needs, establish learning goals and meet learning outcomes.

NEP students in mainstream classes are timetabled to receive targeted assistance from the NEP support teacher and SSO in the areas that they require. This support may be individual, in small groups or be in class. The NEP document is used to develop this intervention through consultation with teachers and parents and is updated regularly.

Students with Learning Difficulties are identified through NAPLAN data as well as diagnostic testing at the start of each school year. The support is normally in pairs or small groups and dependent on learning needs such as reading, writing, comprehension. Students may participate in programs such as QuickSmart or genre writing groups.

ESL students are also offered support with their specific learning needs. These students are offered support with their class work as well as developing vocabulary and language fluency.