Seaford Independent Learning Centre (SILC)

Seaford Independent Learning Centre (SILC)

The Seaford Independent Learning Centre (SILC) program offers an offsite alternative education pathway for Seaford Secondary College students who have disengaged from mainstream schooling despite significant intervention from the school. Once identified by the Seaford Secondary College Leadership Team, these students are referred to and enrolled into Flexible Learning Options (FLO), a Department for Education (DfE) enrolment strategy.

The SILC program actively engages students through a specialised case management approach where case managers work one on one with students to help identify barriers to learning and set clear and achievable goals. FLO students undertake learning which is customised to their individual needs and is flexible to meet the complexities within their life.

A Personal Pathway Plan is created for each student which contains their employment and/or educational goals and guides their learning while at SILC.

What is FLO?

Flexible Learning Options (FLO) is a Department for Education (DfE) enrolment strategy which aims to assist schools and the wider community in supporting successful engagement and retention of young people identified as disengaged from a mainstream secondary school based learning program.

A FLO enrolment allows SILC to provide students with an individualised case management service and a flexible learning program to facilitate positive learning and well-being outcomes.

To be eligible for the SILC program the young person must:

  •       Be enrolled at Seaford Secondary College
  •       Be identified by the Seaford Secondary College Leadership Team
  •       Be 15 years or older

To enrol in the SILC program, the student and their parent/caregiver must attend an interview with the FLO Coordinator to determine their eligibility and suitability for the program.

The Program

The SILC program aims to meet the individual needs and goals of our students who are on learning and earning pathways. At SILC, students are able to participate in accredited and non-accredited learning programs.

Students within the SILC program will have access to:

  • Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan (PLP)
  • Stage 1 Essential Maths
  • Stage 1 Essential English
  • Stage 1 & 2 Community Studies
  • Stage 2 Research Project
  • Stage 1 Food & Hospitality
  • Stage 1 Employability & Work Skills (Integrated Learning)
  • Stage 1 Community Learning
  • VET courses (Certificate I to IV)
  • Short courses (First Aid, Barista, White Card, RSA)
  • Physical activity opportunities such as basketball, boxing, soccer and gym