STEM at Seaford Secondary College

Improving the 21st Century Learning Skills for ALL Students in ALL Subjects

STEAM Works Building Upgrades

In 2017, Seaford Secondary College started planning for a 3.5 million dollar upgrade to facilities designed to improve learning outcomes in Science, Technology, Mathematics and all other subjects, which were completed in December 2018. This included upgrades to our science buildings, equipped with 5 new labs and shared learning break out spaces. The technology hub has also been upgraded to improve skills in advanced technologies and essential 21st Century skills for all.

STEAM & The Curriculum

Year 7 & 8 Students will participate in multidisciplinary units of work that bring together Maths, Science, Technology, English and Humanities for 1 term, with a focus on collaboratively solving authentic real world problems. Students can also select STEAM based courses in entrepreneurship, the Arts, Sciences, Mathematics & Advanced Technologies from year 9 to year 12. The school is continuing to add new subjects each year to meet student needs and interests.

STEAM & 21st Century Learning

21st Century skills are essential for all students to be successful in this technologically changing world of work. All subject areas implement STEAM based teaching methods such Problem Based Learning, whilst building skills in collaboration, critical and creative thinking, initiative, digital fluency, leadership, flexibility and social skills. The new spaces have been created to allow students to do this in all learning areas at all year levels of their education at Seaford Secondary College.

Some other exciting opportunities for extra-curricular STEM learning is also running and students are encouraged to register their interests in these groups with their Care Group teacher, or Mr Ben Hardy, Leader of Middle School (7 – 9) @

These opportunities include:

  • STEM Ambassadors Group
  • Coding Club
  • Robotics Club