Daymap Parent Portal

DayMap Parent Portal

Daymap Parent Portal is an online portal that provides a parent based interface to our student management system Daymap.

You can view your child’s school timetable, attendance, assessment tasks and more!

Accessing Daymap Parent Portal will require your email address to be correct in our schools system. You will also need your child’s Student ID which can be found on your child’s reports, Student ID card or timetable.


  1. If you have not previously registered, you must create a new ‘User’. This can be done by clicking ‘Can’t access your account?’ on the Parent Portal login page.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your email address (registered to the school) & student code (found on their Student ID card or timetable).
  3. Click the button that says “Reset Password”. This will send an email which will contain your username and a link valid for 24 hours to set a new password.

If you get an error message please contact the school and provide your active email address. Once we update this into our systems you should be able to gain access. If there is still an issue please ask to speak to the IT Department.

DayMap Parent Portal